Rent a Race-Ready Road or Mountain Bike today! 

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Require a race ready machine for a big race or simply for leisure? We have a stock of Road and Mountain bikes tuned and ready to go


Road Bike Rental Rates: 
Daily Charge – SGD$150/day
3 or more days  – SGD$100/day
Weekly Rental – SGD$380/week
Monthly Rental – SGD$750/month


Mountain Bike Rental Rates

Daily Charge – SGD$175/day 
3 or more days  – SGD$120/day 
Weekly Rental – SGD$480/week 
Monthly Rental – SGD$930/month

Delivery and Collection to/from site: $98 / trip
Insurance  – SGD$15/day
Helmets – SGD$5


To place a rental, click: Contact us or use the blue "message us" chat box on the bottom right of the page   

** Note: Conditions of Rental **

1) All bicycles are checked and tested but you are expected to test them in the carpark for any sizing/saddle height or mechanics problems. Correct them immediately with the mechanic to your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied, DO NOT rent the bike. If you take the bike away,you are considered to be in agreement to take whatever shortcomings or defects of the bike(s) at the agreed price.

2) You agree to rent ill fitting or not correct sized bike for you, after we have informed you that we don’t have right size, and we, Bike Haus, will not be liable for any injuries or damages to you and the bike. You are fully responsible for the injuries and damages to you and the bike (bicycle mtb or road).

3) Insurance for the bikes are at $15/day. If you don’t take insurance, any damage is bearable by you, and payable immediately upon return. For long term insurance, charges are less $90weekly, $240 monthly.

4) For Mountain Biking and more so than road biking, you are exposed to possible injuries and damages, including punctures. Bad gear/riding changing techniques also contribute to breakdown. If you are not up to it, please ride gently. If you decide to ride with your buddies who may be more experienced (especially who owned their bikes) when you are not yet used to or understand gear changing technique peculiar to the bike type, you are liable for damages and punctures.

5) You are advised to bring your own or purchase a self help puncture repair kit costing around $60 consisting of a saddle pouch, 1 inner tube, 1 set of tyre lever, 1 air canister and adaptor or pump. Please remember that if you decide to use our Recovery assistance the charges are not inclusive of the parts which is usually the inner tubes of $14. Please read point 7.

6) Helmets are rented at $5 regardless of days needed. Broken helmets are chargeable at $75 if lost or damaged. Please inspect them before you leave.

7) Any recovery/roadside attention are chargeable at $85. Inside trail recovery where we have to go in to recover bike/you are at $200 and $150 on Saturdays and Sundays. Roadside recovery on Saturdays are $150 and Sundays $100. Saturdays are just extremely difficult for us to leave as they are many customers needing attention. And Sundays we are closed.