Tern Verge X18


Product Description

The Verge X18 may look small but you won’t know it when you’re in the saddle. From the cockpit through the drivetrain to the ultra-strong 20 in Kinetix™ Pro X Aero wheels, the Verge X18 delivers a complete road bike experience in a bike that fits under your desk.

  • Kinetix™ Pro X drop bars with Shimano 2×9 STI
  • Shimano Capreo rear hub for an extra-small rear cassette (and 28 – 109 gear inches)
  • Shimano Ultegra derailleur for crisp and precise shifting
  • Kinetix Pro X Aero rims with patented Rolf Paired Spoke design
  • Bladed spokes and near-frictionless American Classic front hub
  • Hydroformed Tarsus™ fork with room for internal cable routing
  • Folds compactly in 10 seconds for storage and transport

Tech Specs


SPEEDS : 2 x 9

WEIGHT : 10.4 kg (22.9 lb)

GEAR INCHES : 28" - 109" (2.21 - 8.70 m)

FOLDING SIZE : 420 × 770 × 710 mm (16.5 × 30.3 × 28 in)


FRAME SIZES : One size

DISTANCE : SEATPOST TO HANDLEBAR : 61 - 66 cm (24 - 26 in)

DISTANCE : SADDLE TO PEDAL : 67 - 95 cm (26.4 - 37.4 in)

SUGGESTED RIDER HEIGHT : 142 - 190 cm (55.9 - 74.8 in)

MAX LOAD WEIGHT : 105 kg (231.5 lb)



FRAME : Tern Verge, hydroformed 7005-Al w/ smooth TIG welding, 3 patented technologies

FORK : Tarsus, 6061-AL, hydroformed



HANDLEPOST : Tern Physis 3D (G2), 3D forged, 5 patented technologies

STEM : Syntace VRO, adjustable, Built for Tern

HEADSET : Flux Pro, angular contact bearings, Physis integrated

HANDLEBAR : Kinetix Pro X Drop, 7050-AL, 42 cm, multi-butted, compact drop, for VRO


SADDLE : Kore Road Performance

SEATPOST : Stasis by Syntace, 7050-AL, hard-anodized

SEATPOST CLAMP : Syntace OverLock



FRONT BRAKE : Kinetix, dual pivot caliper

REAR BRAKE : Kinetix, dual pivot caliper


BRAKE CABLE & HOUSING : Jagwire, anti-compression housing, slick cables, Slick Lube liner, alloy ferrules



FRONT HUB : Kinetix Pro by American Classic

REAR HUB : Shimano Capreo

SPOKES AND NIPPLES : Sapim CX-Sprint Bladed, custom forged

RIMS : Kinetix Pro X Aero, 6061-T10 aluminum, Patented Rolf paired spoke design

TIRES : Schwalbe Durano, 28-406, foldable, puncture protection, 120 psi



SHIFTER(S) : Shimano STI, 2 x 9


REAR DERAILLEUR : Shimano Ultegra

CRANKSET : FSA Gossamer, 53/39T, MegaEVO BB386, Built for Tern

CASSETTE/FREEWHEEL : Shimano Capreo, 9-26T, 9 spd


CHAIN : FSA, 9 spd

SHIFTER CABLE & HOUSING : Jagwire LEX-SL, slick treatment, alloy ferrules



BELL : Aluminum

CLIP SYSTEM : Magnetix 2.0


REAR LIGHT : BioLogic TailLight


*Note : These are our standard model specifications. The bike's weight and folded dimension may not include racks and fenders. The specifications for your country may differ slightly. We do our best to ensure that the specifications listed here accurately reflect the exact parts found on our production bikes. However, component changes do occur for various reasons and there may be brief delays on site updates. We reserve the right to make component changes without prior notification, which may cause discrepancies with the information listed on the web.


N-Fold™ Technology

The faster fold

With N-Fold Technology, Tern bikes fold small and fast—in three easy steps. It’s simple enough for anybody to master. And with the handlepost folded to the outside of the package, Tern bikes can also roll when folded for easy transport.


OCL™ Frame Joint

Advanced folding technology

The key to any folding bicycle is the frame, and specifically, the folding joint at the heart of the frame. Done well, it locks the two halves of the frame together without any hint of movement or sound. It should be easy to operate and work flawlessly year after year. The OCL Joint does all of these things and is a new reference in folding frame technology.

Stronger by Design

Making the hinge taller and moving the pivoting surfaces outward from the center axis more than doubles overall strength and stiffness. It’s a difference you’ll feel from your very first ride.

Smooth Operation

The patented design puts four igus® bearings between the aluminum and stainless steel moving parts so the folding action is always smooth and friction-free.

Interlocking Joint

The front and rear joint surfaces lock together to eliminate torsional movement.

Easy to Use

Large rounded surfaces on the lever and joint bodies are easy on your hands and allow good leverage for easy operation.

Doubly Safe

Close the lever and the AutoLok automatically locks in place, for extra, easy security.

Floating Point Technology

Patented technology allows the lever to fold flat and brace against the joint for protection in transit.


Good things are built to last and that’s why the OCL Joint is designed to be dealer serviceable. We keep every part in stock and if your bearings ever wear out, your dealer can replace them in a few minutes.


A machining tolerance of only 50 microns ensures a tight fit and eliminates looseness and rattling.

Stainless Steel Hardware

Cold-worked stainless delivers the durability and reliability needed for daily riding in all weather conditions.


DoubleTruss™ Technology

Stiffer by design

The rear half of Tern frames use a patented 3D structure we call DoubleTruss to build in extra stiffness. It helps resist torsional forces so our bikes flex less. That means increased stiffness and much better power transfer from the pedals to the rear wheel. The proof’s in the ride.


Tarsus™ Fork

Hydroform meets function

Utilizing a single hydroformed tube mated to a precision-machined steerer, the Tarsus delivers superior strength in a shape that matches the sophisticated lines of the Verge and Eclipse frames.

Hydroformed Tubing

The process of hydroforming aligns the grain structure and strengthens the aluminum material. It also minimizes welding in the most highly stressed area of the fork.

Internal Wire Routing

If you decide to equip your Tarsus with a dynamo hub, it’s ready for internal cable routing, keeping the profile of your bike clean.


Physis™ 3D Handlepost

The new benchmark

Five patented technologies and unique manufacturing technology add up to the strongest, stiffest folding handlepost available. The Physis uses a special manufacturing process called 3D forging, which forms the post from a single piece of aluminum, eliminating all welds.

No Flex

To eliminate flex, the Physis uses a massive joint knuckle and a post that gradually tapers from thick at the base to thin. Moreover, it has 150% more clamping height between the fork steerer and the handlepost than common designs.

Flux Technology

The base of the Physis is machined so it functions as the upper race of the headset. This patented direct integration contributes to the incredible stiffness of the design.

Interlocking Halves

Joint surfaces lock together to improve torsional stiffness. We've fine-tuned the shape to virtually eliminate squeaks.

Redundant Double Bolts

Two bolts clamp the Physis to the fork steerer for improved safety.

igus® Bearings

The patented design puts sliding bearings between the moving parts so the folding action is always smooth and friction-free.

Large, Smooth Lever

Large rounded surfaces are easy on your hands and provide good leverage for easy operation.

AutoLok Technology

Close the lever and it automatically locks in place, for extra, easy security—using an aluminum pin.

Floating Point Technology

Patented technology allows the lever to fold flat and brace against the joint for protection in transit.

SpringLock Technology

Patented SpringLock technology holds the adjustment rod firmly in place so the locking lever is always properly tensioned and can never vibrate loose.


Good things are built to last and that’s why the Physis is designed to be fully dealer serviceable. We keep every part in stock and replacing the bearings can be done in minutes.

TriSeal Design

Three rubber seals keep weather out and the headset bearings functioning smoothly.


A machining tolerance of only 50 microns ensures a tight fit and eliminates looseness and rattling.

Stainless Steel Bolts

Cold-worked stainless hardware delivers the durability and reliability needed for daily riding.


Syntace VRO Stem

Find your fit

Your bike should adapt to fit you―not the other way around. This adjustable stem allows you to position your handlebars further, for a more stretched and aggressive riding position, or up higher for increased comfort.


Stems are 47mm in length and infinitely adjustable so you can find your perfect fit.

Syntace quality

Syntace is a boutique German company renowned for their best-in-class bicycle components that are selected by many champion professional riders. They are perhaps best known for their manic attention to detail and brutal testing standards.


Only 120 grams. 100% CNC machined from 6066 aluminum.


Two stems spaced widely apart means excellent torsional stiffness so go ahead and crank hard on your bars with confidence.


Kinetix™ Pro X Drop Bars

A custom fit

Kinetix Pro X drop bars are ultra light and designed to pair with the Syntace VRO stem. The Syntace VRO has ± 47mm of height and reach adjustment so you’ll always find the perfect fit.


Multi-stage butting and 7050 aluminum alloy keeps the weight to a feathery 260 grams—lighter than many carbon bars.


Despite its light weight, the Kinetix Drop bar is also extremely stiff for excellent power transfer.

Compact Drops

Ergonomically shaped compact drops speed transitions from easy cruising to all-out Strava sprints.


The center bar section is perfect for attaching lights, cameras, or smartphones.


Stasis Seatpost by Syntace

Light AND strong

The Stasis is based on Syntace’s renowned P6 design and is incredibly light, yet durably strong. It is forged from 7075 aluminum and hard-anodized for extra durability. Packed with smart engineering details that make the post easy to use and adjust.

Syntace Tested

Syntace testing is done on what they call the Red Monster and it exceeds the DIN+ standard which is typically used for freeride and downhill components. Needless to say, if it passes Syntace testing, its plenty strong enough for our bicycles.


In the 33.9 x 580 mm size, the Stasis seat post weighs only 447 grams, lighter than many carbon posts of the same size.

Easy Adjustment

Syntace’s ERS technology delivers loads of fore/aft adjustment for the saddle. You can run the saddle forward for zero offset stiffness, or all the way back when you want more room to stretch in the cockpit.

Easy to Use

Two-bolt micro adjustment allows for an infinite number of saddle angles. Obsessive attention to detail means the bolts are angled outward at 40 degrees for easy tool accessibility.


Shimano Capreo Drivetrain

Optimized gearing for small wheels

Using a unique 9-26t sprocket, Shimano Capreo delivers the gear range of a 700c road bike on a 20" wheeled bike.


Kinetix™ Pro X Aero Wheels

Built for speed

Kinetix Pro X Aero wheels raise the bar for strength, aerodynamics and gear range you can expect from compact 20” wheels.

42mm Rims

Rims feature an exclusive alloy composition, a tall, wind-cutting 42 mm profile, and ultra-strong welded construction.

Sapim Spokes

Sapim, the world leader in premium spokes, supplies custom-forged CX-Wing bladed spokes.

Shimano Capreo Hub

A Shimano Capreo rear hub accommodates a special Shimano 9-26t cassette, allowing these wheels to deliver the same gear range as a 700c road bike.

Paired Spoke™ Technology

Paired Spoke lacing in the front wheel allows us to use fewer spokes at much higher tensions, resulting in a wheel that is lighter, stronger, and more aerodynamic.


Kinetix Pro wheels are built by hand from start to finish by a single wheelsmith. The wheelsmith goes through at least three cycles of truing and spoke de-stressing before the wheel meets our rigorous standards.


TruShift Technology

Buttery Smooth

Folding bicycles, with their unique geometries, pose difficulties for front shifting. TruShift Technology optimizes the critical elements so you get nothing but smooth front shifting.

Custom Braze-On

Tern bicycles feature an offset bottom bracket. A custom-tooled braze-on positions the front derailleur optimally relative to the chainring for smooth front shifting.

Custom BB Spindle Length

Tern bicycles feature an oversized seat tube and require a custom spindle length for smooth shifting function. We’re fortunate that our friends at FSA are happy to make their top range MegaEVO spindles to our custom spec’s.

Pulley Position

TruShift Technology includes an optimized pulley position because lower friction equals lower shifting force.


FSA MegaEVO BB386 Crankset

Rocket forward

You wouldn’t think something as small as a bottom bracket would make a big difference to your ride experience. But you’d be wrong. The massive aluminum spindle and oversized outboard bearings make this crankset incredibly effective at turning your pedaling into forward momentum.


Tern Tail™ Masked Paint

Sweating the details

These sharp, arcing lines are only possible with painstaking hand-masking of the frame and six (!) trips through the paint line. We love how, with a top down view, you see the shape of a Tern’s tail feathers.

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