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Tacx - Neo Bike Smart Trainer

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Product Description

As we spend more and more time riding indoors, the demand for high quality, immersive riding experiences is at a premium. The Tacx Neo Bike Smart Trainer is designed to create an unprecedented, one of a kind and immersive riding experience.

The Neo Bike is equipped with amazing features like virtual shifting, gear feel, and descent simulation. The Neo Bike also features a 4.5" display, full pedal, saddle, bar tape, and crank customization, along with interactive air fans that adjust to your speed.

Air Fans

The two air fans on the handlebars of the NEO Bike are interactive, the air flow will adjust to the speed, power or heart rate you are cycling with. The air flow can also be set at a constant speed.

Virtual Shifting

Like your road bike, the NEO Bike is able to shift gears, but only virtual gears. By pressing the up or down buttons on the shifters, you are able to change the gearing of your virtual drivetrain instantaneously. A clear display in the front shows which gears you’re in. These virtual gears are customizable with the Tacx Utility app.

Pedal Analysis

The NEO Bike Smart measures the position of your left and right leg. This allows you to precisely measure and analyze your pedaling technique in order to develop a more effective pedal stroke.

Road & Gear Feel

Experience the feeling of riding over cobblestones or shifting gears. The Road Feel and Gear Feel features simulate the vibrations of different road patterns, but also your virtual chain jumping into a different gear. This immersive feature is unique to the NEO trainer series and can be used with Tacx Films and Zwift.


At the top of a hill or mountain there is always that exciting feeling of accelerating into a descent. Exactly that feeling is what this bike trainer gives you. The NEO Bike accelerates when on a descent.


Simulating your outdoor ride indoors is what this Smart bike trainer is designed for. With Dynamic Inertia, Road feel and Gear feel the Tacx NEO Bike brings you the most realistic and smooth cycling feeling possible.


The combination of NEO Smart technology and the internal design of the NEO Bike resulted in the most silent indoor bike trainer available.


Unmatched power. The NEO Bike is able to resist sprints up to 2200 watts and simulate climbs up to a 25% incline. Making sure this trainer is able to deliver during the most intense training sessions.


The Tacx NEO Bike measures your power with incredible precision, making sure you that your data is accurate and reliable. This Smart trainer is the only trainer that doesn’t require a calibration process. It measures your power with a maximum deviation of 1%.

Ride Feel

Dynamic inertia is developed to control the mass inertia (ride feel) as realistic as possible. In contrast to the mass inertia of a flywheel, Dynamic inertia compensates for weight, speed and angle of inclination. This ensures the most realistic and smooth ride feel.

Tacx Cycling Software

Explore the world with high quality Films and GPS workouts while challenging your friends. Train efficiently with structured training plans and cycling workouts. Analyse your data, export your activity to Strava, and make use of many more features. Read more about our software at the webpage.

1 Month Free Premium

All Tacx Smart trainers come with a free month subscription of the Tacx Premium software.


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