The one stop bicycle store that caters to the triathlon, road and Off road riding communities.

About Bikehaus

Bikehaus was started in 2001 with a desire to meet the needs of cyclists in Singapore.

In the last 22 years, we have focused on meeting the needs of cyclists, from a parent searching  for the child’s first bike to professional athletes who want a top of the line race machine.

We strive to carry a full range of products as well as offer a full suite of services for all your cycling needs.

What We Provide


Whether you are riding that flashy new full carbon bike everyone cannot stop staring at or a 20 year old bike you borrowed to do your next race on, you will only ride your best if you are fitted properly to your bike. Armed with the knowledge gained from attending fit seminars and years of experience from fitting riders, we are able to use your feedback through an interview session to help you reach your optimal riding position. Roadies and triathletes alike can benefit from having their position on the bike assessed, regardless of whether you are lacking a bit of power on the flats or just cannot get rid of that aching lower back, we can help you get the most out of your bike and translate that into the run (for trialthetes).

We don’t dramatise your fit that many staged them as. We been doing it so long, its a little like sitting down with your back against the bicycle tuning or engine been gunned, sometimes we can tell the problem even without turning around. Of course we won’t do that to you, but a quick fix will be an honest quick fix, we won’t make you buy wedges or shoes or pedals or an expensive fitting package.

Do you need an expensive lazer guided fit with a computer to tell you what lenght of stems or stack height you need? We have newbies coming to us with their printed recommendations, which we found, does not take into account the riders flexibility, current fitness or personnal goals, and potential for a more comfortable or aggressive fit when changes for different needs arises.

Right. The internet tells you so. Please watch out for many miss-information as some are down right ridiculous.


At Bike Haus, we have a team of experienced mechanics that will do their best to solve any mechanical issues you may have with your bicycle.  Our mechanics are riders themselves, so we understand that a bicycle requires good care and attention.  After your bike has come in for a service, you can be sure that your bike will do its job on the road, the rest is up to you.

Hydraulic brakes on your mountain bike need bleeding?  Race wheels need rebuilding?  Decided to take your time trial bike off road and suffered more than just a broken spoke?  Big or small, rest assured that Teody, Eugene, Wang, Miu Xi  forming our mechanical team at Bike Haus have your mechanical needs covered. There is obviously always something you and I can learn about as new products and innovations keeps coming out, we are always on the hunt to learn, and possibly from you the customer!


To us, a customer is not just another sale.  When we first started selling bicycles at Balmoral Plaza, we believed that selling a bicycle was the first step towards building a lasting relationship with our customers.  18 years on, we still hold on to that belief. And yes we have had a lot of grown-up adults coming in to tell us about their happy purchase from us when they were kids as well as more senior members living near by and a far. We have familys who left our shore and came back telling us that everything’s change in Singapore but glad to find that we are the only constant round the corner friendly shop at the same location with the familair faces and friendly service.

Cycling is sport that is growing and reaches out to all parts of the community. From BMX to hybrids, kids bicycles to the latest Tour de France masterpieces, whatever your needs are, you can be sure that we will have a bike for you!

We love our bikes and love talking to people about them.

But Saturday are the days you might complain about us as we try to split ourselves up to help the many enquirys we get(from phone calls, emails, walk-ins and appointments). A better time during the week if you have any queries, give us a call or email us if we seem unable to remove ourselves to talk to you.


Our Shops

785 Bukit Timah Road

High performance Aero bikes, Road bikes, Triathlon gear, Cadence and Power meters, Fitness trackers, GPS, Lights, Apparel and Bike fitting

553 Bukit Timah Road

Kids bikes, Folding bikes, Mountain bikes, Commuter bikes, City bikes, Fat tire bikes, Helmets and accessories.


Our Products

We carry a full range of Bicycles and accessories to cater to the needs of riders of all ages and all skill levels. We stock the whole range, from  kids bikes to the best aerodynamic bikes in the world for world class athletes.

We also have a full range of accessories for performance, safety and convenience. From power meters to helmets and  car racks, we have you covered.

Of course, a bike will eventually require maintenance. We pride ourselves in our ability to  solve problems. We keep a full range of spare parts and accessories for every eventuality.

Come and find out for yourself!